Do I have to create a video message?

A video message is a fun way to personalise your gift but you can also write a note, which we can send instead.

How do I create a video message?

You can record a short video message on your smartphone or other device. Then simply upload your video directly to the platform at step 2. You can also upload your video to YouTube and add the link. You can find out more about uploading a video to make your gift email message fabulous and memorable here

How many people can I buy for in one purchase?

You can buy for just one person or up to 1,000+ – for bigger numbers, you can upload a spreadsheet.

I have no idea about what to buy? Can you help me?

Yes. Our friendly gifting cocncierge team can help you choose the best gifts. You can ask for advice by calling 1300 746 789 during office hours, emailing or pinging us on live chat! Also, click here to explore our latest catalogue filled with all of our favourite gifts!

What recipient information do I put in the spreadsheet?

All we need is the name, email and mobile number of each recipient. Download the CSV here.

How do you arrange the gift delivery?

When you provide the recipient’s email and phone number, we contact them to ask them when and where they’d like to receive your gift – and then deliver to their door.

How will I know if my order was successful?

After you complete the payment, you'll be taken to a successful order screen upon successfully completing checkout, and also receive an order confirmation. You will also be able to track recipient gift acceptance in your My Online Orders account page.

How quickly do you deliver after I have placed a gift order?

You can choose the date for the delivery notification with your gift message to be sent. Then we contact the recipient to ask them when and where they’d like to receive your gift – and then deliver to their door.

Can I cancel my order?

If you scheduled your send to a date and time into the future and can notify Shorty's 48 hours before the virtual gift experience starts, you can cancel your order. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this virtual gifting experience, we cannot cancel or add different products to your order within 48 hours of send date/time.

What are the payment methods?

A customer can pay via account (if approved by the business) or credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners). Pay Pal is currently not a payment option for this gifting platform.

What if I enter the wrong details/need to amend gift recipients?

Please call 1300 746 789 to speak to our friendly team who will assist with your enquiry. Please have your order number ready, this will begin with "11". Alternatively, you can send the confirmation URL to the recipient directly. To locate the URL, please log in to Shorty's Gifting Hub, go to the “My Account” section, and click on “My Gifts”. Then, select the recipient and click on "View Gift". Copy the "Gift Confirm Short URL" and send it directly to your recipient.